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On Process

Engage the Client and the Site


The first step in our process is to thoroughly investigate the client’s needs and the context of the project.       


Explore Design Opportunities


Leaving the door wide open during this layered, iterative process allows for old ideas to fall away, leaving only the gems.


Define the Problem


An excellent design solution comes from clearly articulating the design problem.

For us, process is everything. It is how we continue to arrive at startlingly beautiful design solutions, every time. It is why the spaces we design nourish our clients, for years to come.  Through the design process, we get past the old, inadequate solutions and discover the exciting, meaningful ones.

Here is how we do it:   

Get it Built


Our close relationship with contractors, craftsmen, artisans, and vendors allows us to build our ideas just as we had intended, and within budget.

Document the Solution


Using drawings and specifications, we create a thorough set of construction documents from which the project will be permitted and built.

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